Checking the internet speeds

Checking the internet speed refers to the process of checking how much speed your internet connectivity is having.

Why should you check the internet speeds

The main reasons to check the internet speeds are as follows

It helps you to know how much speed your internet has

You are having an internet connection, well and good. But how will you know the actual speed? It is always better to know the speed of your internet.

You can compare the internet speeds of the other service providers

Checking internet speeds allows you to compare the speed of your internet service with that of other service providers. You will know which internet service provider offers the best speed.

It allows you to take note of speed fluctuations

There may be fluctuations in your internet connections and speed check helps in taking note of them. You will get to know how much fluctuations are happening in your connection.

Pre-requisites for Checking Speeds

There are certain pre-requisites for checking internet speeds. When running a speed test ensure to adhere to the following

  • You have to close all the applications that are running
  • If you are using a computer then connect it directly through the modem
  • While running a speed test kindly unplug the other devices that are using internet

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Process of Checking Speeds

You have many internet speed test tools and apps giving you the internet speed of your phone and desktop. A list of the famous speed test tools and apps are

  • SpeedSmart Speed Test
  • Speed Check & WiFi Finder
  • Internet Health Test
  • Xfinity Speed Test
  • Verizon Speed Test
  • Network Analyzer App
  • Ookla Speedtest
  • DSLReports
  • Cox Internet Speed Test
  • SpeedOf.Me
  • AT & T High-Speed Internet Speed Test
  • Bandwidth Place
  • Meteor

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