Boost your internet speeds with the latest satellite internet HughesNet. Get in touch with your relatives through video chat, run business from the comfort of your homes, or stream your favorite movies wherever you are in the US.

Get the HughesNet internet at a basic minimum plan of 10 GB data, which offers reliable and affordable high-speed satellite service featuring a built-in Wi-Fi service. It also has unlimited data Plan with no hard data limits which enables fast download speeds up to 25 Mbps.

HughesNet Voice

Get the HughesNet Voice service which has a  two-year price lock guarantee. The service which is affordable also includes setup and activation charges. You could save up to 45%  by slashing down on the landline phone services.

You could either have HughesNet phone number or your own phone number. For this, you just have to bundle your phone service with internet to get these services.

Customize your plans and also prevent a hole in your pocket on international calls as well. So what if you live in a non-accessible area? Just get the HughesNet Voice and reach out to the whole world.


Shell out $9.95 per month and talk over 200 minutes across 60 countries. If you opt for the International Unlimited plan, you will have to spend around $22.95. Else, go for the $19.95 per month plan which comes with a 24-month commitment.

With these plans, stay connected to your kith and kin and also avail wonderful features such as call-waiting, caller ID, and a lot more.

Stop counting the minutes of the conversation by availing the HughesNet phone service as it uses VoIP and does not count on the internet data.

Satellite TV

Add Satellite TV to Your Internet Service Provider as there is no HughesNet TV which is similar to DISH internet or DIRECTV internet. Experience the best TV service by pairing your HughesNet internet with DISH or DIRECTV.

Pair up your HughesNet and DIRECTV HughesNet package with any DIRECTV package and stream NFL SUNDAY TICKET on DIRECTV if you are fanatic of sports. Here you will have to separately subscribe to each of the services.

You will get a reliable satellite TV service if you are using a DISH. Just pair both the services; but have in mind that you will have to subscribe separately to each of the packages.

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